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Shawl Cardigan, Club Monaco. Noragi, +WOLFE. Button Up, Robert Geller. Jeans, Objects Without MeaningBoots, Zara. Scarf, Rag & Bone. Bag, Vlieger and Vandam

I don’t even know though.

This is Ballard Bee Company’s Wildflower Honey. The internet tells me it is varied in color from light gold to a medium amber. Cool. Even if it was bad I would buy this for the packaging. So good, so clean.

Tea time.

Where I am from the specialty tea game is so strong. Places like David’s Tea are as common as a Starbucks these days. I’m trying to have the most posh of tea experiences while at home so why not get a cool tea pot? Los Angeles-based Taku Shinomoto sends his designs for Hasami to Japan where they are crafted and untreated giving a natural color a texture. But hey, as long as it looks fancy, whatever! 

Looks like I don’t need a boyfriend to look like I borrowed a man’s clothes.

Hope’s Was Blazer was created to look like a men’s jacket. I am v into how high the button closure is  and how narrow the lapels are. In the back there is a longer center vent which I am all for come the warmer seasons. Its just the right amount of oversize and I don’t need to fight anyone to borrow it when I want, wew. 

How to get a new face.

I am really into masks. They just make you feel fucking good. This one is REN’s Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask. It basically chemically exfoliates your skin. I’m not really into the ones with the little beads and shit, it irritates my skin too much. The lactic, citric, and glycolic help loosen your dead skin cells, and the papain exfoliates. It does not hurt, it smells fucking amazing and its as if you have brand new skin. 

Wew, more EG.

Inventory’s online shop got their first Engineered Garments shipment a few days ago and it got me really excited. The Lafayette Shirt is a pineapple printed shirt that has been reserved from its original black. It also has a shrunken shawl collar which is fucking cool and some words of wisdom on the inside label. Daiki I thank you. 

Easy peasy.

I think one of the reasons I lean towards menswear or things inspired by it is because it is just straight forward. All ‘#fashion’ ranting aside, clothes are clothes to wear. So they might as well be the fanciest essentials in your fucking closet! Yesterday The North Face Purple Label released their SS14 collection and might I say I am so bought looking like I’m going camping all the time. 

PJs, whateva.

You know that moment when you wake up when you are supposed to leave and you jump out of bed and throw any random thing together to put on? 08sircus looks like that, but better. Their SS14 men’s collection just looks so comfy and easy. It is as if you were in too much of a rush to actually change out of your PJs and ended up mixing them with your other clothes. Damn. Fuck. I would look stupid if I attempted such a thing. 

The HYPEBEAST One Hunnit: Maybe I just hate John Mayer.

So today HYPEBEAST created a Hundred List, sort of like a “Hey guys, you are cool. We saw you so much on the internet in 2013!” It covers athletes, music icons, designers and so on. I think they intended to showcase people in these industries that made really big moves in the past year. Browsing through some of their choices are expected and some were interesting. The list as a whole makes no sense. Why does it exist?  

I am not surprised to see the Hypebeast Kid Holy Grail of women, Adrianne Ho. I mean, even I think she is hot. But no shout outs to Jake Davis? Who 1. Put her on and 2. Probably continues to take her Instagram photos of her running? About to run? Wearing clothes that are meant for running? So really the mastermind behind her internet fame wouldn’t you say? Whatever. I love her though. *sigh 

I was surprised to see John Mayer. I mean, great guitarist and vocalist. But on Hypebeast? Really? Giving him a shout out for wearing head to toe visvim? (Shut up I know I just geeked over visvim like two days ago). But why didn’t they just put Hiroki on the list? I think it makes more sense, even in a Hypebeast way to put Hiroki instead of Mayer. Espeically for launching a full women’s collection in 2013. Maybe I just hate John Mayer, maybe I should stop. Fuck it. 

The HYPEBEAST Hundred: 

Disclaimer: John Mayer I don’t hate you. 

Eating essentials.

Robin Wood has dedicated his career to making the finest things from wood. I have now dedicated my life to eating off of this fancy ass set. If I were to eat off of one set this would be it. The bowl and spoon are made of beech and the plate of sycamore. And they look amazing, especially in this product shot, good job to the photography team.